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norsland lefse mark johnson local minnesota foods

Norsland Lefse

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson and his family have been celebrating their Scandinavian heritage through favorite foods since 1997. Located in the beautiful bluff country of southeastern Minnesota in the town of Rushford, Norsland Lefse produces high-quality, delicious lefse year-round. Their "Grandma approved" Lefse is made by skilled workers on custom-made rollers and grills and shipped out fresh across the country as well as sold in their shop and at area grocers.

Lefse is not just a buttery, sugary treat - it is also delicious with pb&j, as a burrito wrap, or in the form of Uffda Chips, their delicious lefse snacks made exclusively by Norsland. Lefse is not all the Johnson family knows; they also sell a wide array of Scandinavian food and gifts including lutefisk and more to give customers the traditional nordic experience year round! Minnesotans will be right at home in their shop with their Uffda line of apparel and accessories and their "Ole and Lena" brand of jams, pickles and other locally made goodies. Be sure to stop in for a true Minnesota culinary heritage experience!

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oak valley creations debbie fairbanks organic minnesota food

Oak Valley Creations

Debbie Fairbanks

Before organic was a buzzword, it was a part of Debbie Fairbanks’ life. She has brought her passion and knowledge of organics to her products at Oak Valley Creations, establishing the company in 2012. Debbie offers a wide variety of products made in small batches using locally sources ingredients when ever possible. Her jellies, spices, and teas marry spice with fresh flavor. You'll often find Debbie at local farmers markets and pop-up sales. Make sure to stop by her table and try out her full product line!

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pattis nuts and granola patti heimbold minnesota local nuts

Patti's Nuts and Granola

Patti Heimbold

Minnesota Hockey Mom, Patti Heimbold, started out by bringing bags of her granola to her son's hockey games (hockey players need healthy snacks, don'tcha know). Families started asking how they could order it and a new business was born!

You will go nuts for Patti's Nuts too! Both flavors, Rosemary and Maple Cinnamon, feature extra large, premium mixed nuts. They are perfectly seasoned with herbs and spices, hand-roasted and packed with care in small batches. Patti's Nuts are perfect for indulgent healthy snacking, added to charcuterie platters, or chopped for recipes, salads and desserts. Check out her delicious granola too! So, so good!

Patti's Nuts make a fantastic pairing for your daily veggies in her recipe for Mediterranean Broccoli.

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red lake nation foods minnesota indigenous minnesota wild rice

Red Lake Nation Foods

Red Lake Nation Band of Chippewa

The Red Lake Band of Chippewa, located in northern Minnesota, is the only Native American tribe in the US that grows & sells their own cultivated wild rice. "Our mission is to offer unique, specialty natural foods and gift products which represent our cultural heritage", such as hand harvested wild rice, hand harvested wild fruit jellies, jam & syrups. Sales benefit the 9600+ members of the Red Lake Nation.

Try this ancient grain in our Wild Rice Salad recipe!

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remix popcorn and delights black owned business saint paul minnesota

ReMix Popcorn and Delights

Stephen and Danielle Porter
Saint Paul

All we can say is WOW! This popcorn will blow you away... Stephen and Danielle Porter opened Remix Popcorn and Delights on St. Paul's Marshall Avenue in November of 2019... 3 months later Covid hit, followed by the George Floyd tragedy... Too new to qualify for assistance, the whole family, including their three kids, rolled up their sleeves, doubled down and have been working with the faith that if they stick to their vision, treat customers well, and keep making the most delicious and innovatively flavored popcorn, fudge, candy and cakes in the area, customers will come.

We couldn't be happier they are now a part of the You Betcha! Box family of boot-strapping local entrepreneurs. Walking into their very creative, music-themed store will make you giddy with the incredible selections and amazing, fun and bold flavors.

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sailor mercy dani dircks local beverages minnesota

Sailor Mercy

Dani Dircks

At Sailor Mercy Elderberry Syrup Company, they value hard work, faith, and family; owner and founder, Dani Dircks, has certainly proved that to be true. In 2017 Dani’s oldest son missed three days of school which led to an expensive clinic visit. Being a mama of four, she wanted to find a natural way to keep the doctors away. She began making her elderberry syrup at home to help boost immunity for her family. She saw such success with her home-brewed healing she decided to start her own company. Named for her two daughters Sailor and Mercy, Dani is now aiding families nationwide with natural immune defense, Elderberries.

This delicious syrup is perfect for at-home DIY gummies, mixing into drinks, or making juicy ice pops for sore throats and hot days! She has also crafted a delicious and healthy Apple Cider Vinegar recipe "Fire Cider" which you'll love to cook with or add to your daily health routine. We are excited to be a part of Dani's new Elderberry Lemonade launch. This is no ordinary lemonade! You'll love this special, lip smacking treat plus you get the healthy benefits of Elderberry! That's a win-win!

Dani's Elderberry Popsicles are sure to soothe a sore throat or provide a chilly treat on a sweltering summer day!

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salsa collaborative brian and nikki podgorski saint paul minnesota hot sauce

The Salsa Collaborative

Brian and Nikki Podgorski
South Saint Paul

The Salsa Collaborative proves that Minnesota's food scene is much bigger than just canned soup hot dishes. The Salsa Collaborative started when Brian and Nikki Podgorski went on a mission to create the perfect Salsa Verde. In 2016, a severe accident forced the couple to look at what they valued most in life. Out of that process they decided to pursue more meaningful work through their own business. Brian’s natural creativity and curiosity for flavor led them to where they are now. Operating under the tenet that food is a love language, The Salsa Collaborative offers an array of fun flavored, fresh, hot sauces. You can taste the love in every drop!

They recommend trying Habanero Express in a Bloody Mary, or Jingle Jangle in Margaritas. We think that the Mo-Heato Hot Sauce, with its traditional Thai-inspired flavors of coconut, lime, mint, and a variety of peppers, is one of the most unique and delicious we've ever tried. Try it on rice dishes, chicken lettuce wraps or wherever you feel inspired!

Brian's Best Chili recipe puts Salsa Collaborative's sauces front and center in a tasty classic!

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Sharab Shrubs

Sharab Shrubs

Alex Zweber

Bartender Alex Zweber, of Minneapolis, launched Sharab Shrubs in 2016. A longtime former bartender,Alex is up on craft cocktail trends. “I could see the need for a product like this in the market,” he says. He started experimenting with fruit and vinegar combinations. After fermenting fruit and sugar for several days, he strains out the solids and adds white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Spice up your mocktail game with Alex's recipe for the Not a Lotta Colada

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Social Mixers

Social Mixers

Kat Duvic
Falcon Heights

Social Mixers botanical-forward premium syrups are perfect for cocktails, mocktails, coffee, tea and natural sodas. We offer mixers that help you create your own unique drink experiences that bring out fun, creativity and connection with the people you share them with. Our products are created by hand in small batches, featuring responsibly sourced, organic, and non-GMO ingredients.

Social Mixers are your at-home mindful approach to bespoken beverages. Taste the creativity with every sip.

Try Kat's Lemon Herbal Sparkler mocktail recipe as a delicious anytime refresher!

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leah trevelen sweethaven tonics craft cocktail concentrates woman owned business minnesota

Sweethaven Tonics

Leah Trevelen
New Ulm

Sweethaven Craft Cocktail Concentrates uses minimal, natural ingredients to make it easy for cocktail lovers to become their own master mixologist!

Leah launched her venture into the world of artisan drinks during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she decided to take the plunge to pursue her passion.

She was inspired to make drink infusions that combine fruits, herbs and other interesting flavors after receiving a shrub (fruit drinking vinegar) as a gift. “From my first sip, I was hooked.”

“During the long days at home last fall, I found myself craving a creative outlet. I was drawn to the thing that I so often enjoyed with my friends and family that I was missing…cocktails. For me happy hour is more than a drink to start the night. A cocktail is crafted to savor as I slow down and focus on the present moment with those I love.”

Sweethaven sources ingredients from local farmers markets for Leah's latest creations. Delicious as a healthy non-alcoholic mixer too! Elevate your bar cart (or any club soda!) with the addition of Sweethaven Craft Cocktail Concentrate, and enjoy delicious drinks made in minutes.

Follow Leah's recipe for a smooth and balanced cocktail or mocktail!

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Sweet TrooVi

Sweet TrooVi

Rebekkah and Bobbi Jo Lamar Brunson

Sweet Troo•Vī Waffle was created by former Minnesota Lynx player and current assistant coach Rebekkah Brunson and wife Bobbi Jo as a vessel for good. Their mission is simple. Eat Deliciously. Love Freely. Not only are they creating delicious products, but spreading love, encouraging change and doing the most good within our community.

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terroir chocolate kristin mohagen local chocolate minnesota

Terroir Chocolate

Josh and Kristin Mohagen
Fergus Falls

(Pictured: Kristin Mohagen)

Josh and Kristin fell in love with chocolate making and the complexity of cacao while honeymooning in San Francisco. Their passion became TERROIR (pron: tare-whar) CHOCOLATE, meaning a sense of place.

“Each of our organic, single-origin dark chocolate bars have unique taste profiles, much like wine or coffee. We use ethically sourced cacao beans, hand sorted, small batch roasted, and stone-ground for several days, molded into bars and hand wrapped in Fergus Falls. Crafting chocolate our way is about patience with the process, nurturing the ingredients, and celebrating the beauty of it all."

Kristin's Drinking Chocolate is guaranteed to warm and soothe on even the chilliest winter nights.

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michael and carrie baker wild country maple syrup minnesota

Wild Country Maple

Michael and Carrie Baker

Founders Michael and Carrie Baker fell in love with the North Shore and decided to buy a little maple farm in Lutsen, Minnesota called Wild Country. Tasting Wild Country's 100% organic maple products will make you feel like you're standing over Lake Superior in the middle of Fall! Their syrups and caramels give a true taste of Minnesota found in nature and loved by all.

While Wild Country maple syrup is a perfect addition to pancakes or waffles, it also amazes us in the Bakers' Maple Dijon Salad Dressing.

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Wood from the Hood

Wood from the Hood

Rick & Cindy Siewert and Jon Buck

Wood From The Hood was born from a simple idea: reclaim discarded trees from the local neighborhoods to create beautiful, high-quality wood products. The idea came to Cindy and Rick Siewert as they watched an old Ash tree being cut down in the backyard of their Minneapolis home. Most trees in the metro region are sent to landfills, shredded into landscape mulch, or burned. These trees are able to live on in the form of sustainable, handcrafted wood products.

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Worker B

Worker B

The Honeybees of Minneapolis

Worker B is a group of passionate beekeepers who harness bee-created ingredients to create clean and healthy skin care products of the highest quality. Their hard-working skin care formulas blend the very best of what nature, and the bees, have to offer.

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zambezi kitchen mwila kapungulya minnesota spices black owned business

Zambezi Kitchen

Mwila Kapungulya
Saint Louis Park

Founder, Mwila Kapungulya, migrated to Minnesota 15 years ago from Zambia, Africa to attend university. He is a computer scientist as well as culinary artisan. He founded Zambezi Kitchen to share his native land's rich culture through seasonings. The mighty Zambezi River near his birthplace is a major exchange for spices and cuisines from the region. This diverse combination of Southern African cuisines is known as "Rainbow Cuisine".

You'll want all 4 of their spice blends to amp up your grillables, sauces, and comfort foods like rice dishes, west indies jerk, BBQ ribs, chicken and burgers. "Zesty Herb" makes a wonderful marinade, salad dressing or olive oil bread dip. "Our goal is to honor our rich culinary traditions and inspire our customers to experiment with other food styles."

Mwila's Zambezi Beef Pot Roast will take center stage at your next feast!

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