Minnesota Fundraising

Minnesota nonprofits can benefit through Share Local Love Minnesota Gourmet Gift Box sales.  We strive to make fundraising easy and profitable for your organization.  There are several models of fundraising that we support. We can also customize campaigns for your group's needs.

Why Participate in a Share Local Love Minnesota Gift Box Fundraiser?

  • Unique Fundraising Concept... support our local economy and environment selling high quality products people are excited about.
  • Easy to Sell... use tools like email and Facebook. Door to door in your neighborhood. Offer Share Local Love boxes to your social network, friends and family, local business people, church contacts, neighbors, etc.
  • High Quality, In-Demand Products... we have selected unique, exceptional foods to feature in our boxes. Many have won awards and been recognized regionally and nationally.
  • Great Profits... 25-30% profit for nonprofits ($8 to $30 per box sold).
  • Easy Delivery to your Customers... boxes are delivered to your organization attractively packaged and ready for distribution.
  • Turn Key Selling... training, sales literature, forms, customized website development and resources provided to your sales coordinator and participating members.
  • Zero Commitment/Sales Obligation... no risk to try it out and see how it goes.
  • Great Gifts for your Family and Friends...  many who don't want to sell just buy for their own gift giving or enjoyment and have the added bonus of raising funds.
  • Help Small Minnesota Businesses... people love to learn about and be part of helping local companies and startups grow.
  • Supports a Cleaner Environment... when we buy local we reduce our carbon footprint.

Which fundraising model would work best for your organization's needs?

Direct Organizational Online Sale:  We can set up a sales website specific to your organization so you can run an efficient and effective sales campaign to fund a specific need, initiative or for general fundraising. 

Cash and Carry Sale:  Similar to how the Girl Scout Cookie sale works, your organization can order a number of boxes based on your fundraising goals and then sell them directly out of that inventory. This is a very effective way to earn money quickly and customers love having the boxes immediately at time of purchase.  Some organizations set a personal selling goal for each member.  If you need to earn $5,000 and you have 25 members, each member would have to sell, on average, 20 boxes. This is very achievable in very little time. 

Member Pre-order Sale:  In this type of sale, members take sales orders over a period of time and then deliver gift boxes about a month after the sale ends.  This is a popular model for groups who need to do fundraising to help cover the costs of travel, fees, trips, registrations, tuition and other expenses. This sale can be very helpful to help families finance participation and work as hard or as little as they choose. Please contact katie@sharelocallove.com and we will work with you to design a fundraising campaign that works best for you and your organization.