Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Share Local Love
October 12, 2021

Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Share Local Love

(Originally published Feb 26, 2021)

We are at the crossroads of February, Black History month, and March, Women’s History month. The perfect time to discuss our company’s efforts to improve equity, inclusion and diversity.


The founding tenet of You Betcha! Box was to build a business that helps to lift up those around us in deed as well as word. When we do so, our whole community benefits in many ways. We believe that “doing good” and being profitable aren’t mutually exclusive. Part of the secret to our sauce is harnessing the intersection between equitably building local communities and generating economic growth, something we like to call “Share Local Love”. In fact, we believe in this concept so much, it’s our company’s official name!


A You Betcha! Box for All Minnesotans

Key to our mission of sharing local love is following a guiding philosophy of intentional inclusivity, equity and diversity. This means ensuring our company, and the other small companies we work with, represent the amazing diversity in our state. BIPOC-owned businesses (Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color) and women entrepreneurs often face unique challenges such as getting visibility, financing, not being taken seriously, and lack of “connections” which can make the already difficult start-up effort to become established even harder. By featuring and helping tell the stories of our makers and their products, and getting these amazing products into the homes of consumers, we help expand opportunities and generate sales revenue for our local hardworking and innovative entrepreneurs. 

We all know the Minnesota Scandinavian stereotypes, but in reality that is not reflective of who we are today. As native Minnesotans, we enjoy the Uff Da! and Lena and Ole jokes and appreciate that part of our State’s heritage too, but we also know that Minnesota is much more than that stereotype. Our diversity is our strength and what makes Minnesota a great place to live. We believe we have more than enough for everyone to have a seat at the table, and we have plenty of room for all of our citizens to thrive if we just chose to support those in our immediate vicinity. Our local economies and communities also thrive when we do this. 

Even though we are a small company ourselves, we can play our part to help realize that goal – one gift box at a time.

Just to be clear, our commitment to inclusivity is never at the expense of excellence. All of the Minnesota businesses we feature create exceptional products which are worthy of being promoted. We are picky about what goes into a You Betcha! Box and only the very best small-batch foods and beverages are included in our local gift boxes, event kits and meeting snack boxes. We see time and time again that You Betcha! Box recipients are thrilled with the new products they have discovered in the boxes and become loyal, long-term fans and customers of the local products included. 


BIPOC Makers of Minnesota Box

As part of our commitment to highlight and celebrate racial equity, diversity and inclusion, we created this stand-alone box to celebrate some of Minnesota’s best artisan foods and recipes from talented BIPOC makers as well as recipes from local BIPOC chefs.  Our commitment to inclusion means that we also feature all of our makers and their products across all of our boxes, not only in the BIPOC Makers of Minnesota Box. 

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion to Share Local Love - You Betcha Box

Our “BIPOC Makers of Minnesota Box” includes:

  • Legendary Mr. B’s BBQ Sauce Original (Apple Valley)
  • Basbaas Somali Style Salsa (Bloomington)
  • Hacienda San Jose Chocolate Bar (New Hope)
  • Chef Flo’s Afric Sauce (traditional African Cooking Sauce) (Brooklyn Park)
  • Coconut Whisk-Pancake & Waffle Mix (Rosemount)
  • Zambezi Kitchen-Spice Blend “Herb Supreme” (Savage)
  • K-Mama Authentic Korean Sauce (Columbia Heights)
  • Red Lake Nation: Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice (Red Lake Nation)
  • BIPOC Makers and Chefs of Minnesota Recipe Book
  • Meet our Makers Profile Card with the maker’s story and recipes or suggested uses
  • Our exclusive, eco-friendly custom package box with Minnesota-centric interior wrap
  • Free Continental US Shipping 
  • Our exclusive You Betcha! gift note with your custom message


Expanding our offerings to include more from our talent pool of BIPOC-owned small businesses and makers has been a win-win for You Betcha! Box, the makers, and our customers. We have been blessed to know and work with many lovely people and have gotten to taste and help share their products. Customers love that they get to experience new culinary delights and special creations while showing their support for the BIPOC community. Minnesota foundations and corporations with a commitment to racial diversity and inclusion have appreciated being able to highlight that commitment by gifting this box to their valued clients, customers and employees as well as featuring local BIPOC makers in their custom virtual meeting and event boxes. Our BIPOC makers have benefitted from a new sales channel and an opportunity to introduce their innovative products to a new and growing customer base. We are proud to say that our makers have reported their strongest year of sales and also exposure to many new customers they wouldn’t have met because of our collaborations. The box also got rave reviews during its debut at Food Ag Ideas Week led by Grow North as part of their mission to support entrepreneurs and innovators across Minnesota’s food and agricultural systems where we hope others are inspired to make inclusivity and equitable opportunity a mindful choice on an on-going basis.


Introducing: “Femmes du Nord” Women Makers of Minnesota Box

We are excited to expand our offerings that celebrate equity and inclusivity by the launch of our new “Femmes du Nord” Women Makers of Minnesota Box. This box will shine a spotlight on Minnesota’s extremely talented pool of women culinary artisans. Solo women entrepreneurs can face unique challenges due to stereotypes, discrimination, harder to obtain financing, and are not always taken seriously as business owners. We know how hard-working, creative and competent our female makers are and we celebrate them in our Women Makers of Minnesota box. 


Women Owned Artisan Food Companies Minnesota

Our “Femmes du Nord: Women Makers of Minnesota” You Betcha! Box includes:

  • Organic Oak Valley Creations – Wine Jelly 
  • Organic Oak Valley Creations- Tea- 3 pack  
  • Organic Oak Valley Creations- “Sweet Onion” Dip Mix packet 
  • Chef Flo’s Afric Sauce (traditional African Cooking Sauce) 
  • HOYO Foods: “Tamarind and Date” Sweet & Savory Somali Sauce 
  • Coco Bee & Nut Granola 
  • Hacienda San Jose Chocolate Bar
  • Ancient Indian Spices: Chai Masala
  • Patti’s Deluxe Mixed Nuts: Savory Rosemary 
  • Patti’s Deluxe Mixed Nuts: Maple Cinnamon 
  • Meet our Makers Profile Card with the maker’s story and recipes or suggested uses
  • Our exclusive, eco-friendly custom package box with Minnesota-centric interior wrap
  • Free Continental US Shipping 
  • Our exclusive You Betcha! gift note with your custom message


Minnesota Proud

We’re proud of the amazing people and products Minnesota has to offer. We take our Minnesota pride seriously (as you can tell from our name, gift box titles and our signature buffalo check crinkle paper!) All of this ties back to our mission of sharing local love – something that goes across genders, races and ethnicities. When we set out on this mission to share local love, many were skeptical we could do so and turn a profit. Thanks to the amazing support we receive from our fans and customers, we’re happy to be proving them wrong and achieving our goal of creating opportunities for innovative, hardworking food entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

You can participate in sharing local love and your Minnesota pride too by making intentional decisions to shop local from small businesses. When you do so, you reflect your values and help make our State the very best place to live and work. You Betcha! Box makes that easy and fun. Please follow us on social media and visit our online artisan food gift shop to order your BIPOC Makers of Minnesota and Women Makers of Minnesota box today!